Elmwood Crossing

The rich vibrancy delivered by forward-thinking civic leaders of the past will reverberate at Elmwood Crossing. Observers will watch a graduated, multi-project adaptive reuse of the former Women and Children's Hospital of Buffalo unfold. At completion, the site will primarily be residential focused, and will include neighborhood amenities, select commercial opportunities and increased visitor access to treasured community amenities from verdant Delaware Park, to global dining options.


urban Residential Choices

Elmwood Crossing offers a variety of housing options, appropriate for an urban residential landscape. The complete reconsideration of the campus will include town homes and condominiums available for purchase, along with market-rate and affordable apartments. Choices in housing make Elmwood Crossing desirable for a variety of household types with exteriors masterfully designed to compliment existing design tenets and modern interiors.


Community ASSETS

Here, a relaxed lifestyle in an award-winning setting, named as one of America's 10 Great Neighborhoods by the American Planning Association, can be found. Ready access to existing cultural amenities combine with new neighborhood assets such as a market, day care, health & wellness center and commercial office space. It's youngest residents will enjoy an open-to-all pocket park, while adults enjoy walking paths with inspiring art and conversation corners.


Visitor Amenities

The Elmwood Village is a destination for those who enjoy its vast cultural, architectural and  shopping opportunities. Addition of a hotel, restaurant, and other services encourage visitors to spend more time in the neighborhood, enjoying the unique shops, eateries and galleries that have made it a model community. Visitors can enjoy the city and region's entertainment, recreational and sporting attractions, and come back for rest and rejuvenation in the Elmwood Village .