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Here are some of the topics we have heard from the community about.

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How WiLL The Site Be Used?

Elmwood Crossing is designed to reflect the existing neighborhood make-up.  The majority of the reuse  will be moderately dense residential.  The types of homes will include town homes, condominiums,  and apartments. Homes will be of varying price points from affordable apartments to luxury condominiums.


At the time of the drafting of Buffalo’s Green Code, or Unified Development Ordinance, it was recognized that there would be challenges for some sites to fully conform to the Green Code. The development team has elected to follow the existing approach for creating a Planned Unit Development (PUD), which would require Common Council Approval. More information on PUD’s can be found by navigating here.

What AMENITIES will be added to the neighbrohood?

Elmwood Crossing offers a unique opportunity to draw a hotel into the Elmwood Village. The area sees many local and regional visitors, and overnight accomodations should support lengthier visits, and support our local businesses and services. Other planned amenities will include assorted restaurants, health and wellness services, entertainment and a neighborhood market.

Will All The Construction Occur at Once?

Progress at Elmwood Crossing will occur as seven unique projects. The development team is seeking approvals which would allow the first project to commence in Summer of 2018, while a more robust analysis of environmental impacts occurs through the SEQR process on the remaining core campus.

How Long Will The PRojects Take

While the site is still being investigated, reasonable estimates forecast that Elmwood Crossing will not be fully complete until 2023.  Some projects may be complete as early as 2020 under an aggressive timeline.

Will There be Anything that serves the youngest members of the community

Within the Elmwood Crossing plan is an early childhood center, increasing choices in childcare options for interested parents. Additionally the pocket park will allow for people of all ages to get active.

Are the Buildings Being Demolished?

The thoughtful site plan for Elmwood Crossing relies on very little demolition of structures. The demolition required will impact select rear structures on Hodge, and several structures on Bryant and Utica.  95% of the site will be reused.

Will There Be Green Space?

The reuse of the site will add opportunities for green space to be enjoyed as a public amenity within Elmwood Crossing. The sites reconfiguration will allow for increased pedestrian cross connections, pathways with quiet places of enjoyment, accessible art installations, and a pocket park for residents, neighbors and visitors.

How Will PArking Be Addressed

The handling of vehicular traffic at Elmwood Crossing will be in best efforts of balancing a modern society that relies on personal vehicles with a community that desires support to be less reliant on those vehicles. Considerable thought into ways to promote use of other modes of transportation include ease of access to public transit stops, way finding signs, bike racks, ride share waiting areas, and tenant bike storage areas.  Keeping in step with modern realities, the City of Buffalo has been engaged in a conversation about acquisition of the ramp for operation by Elmwood Crossing. Under these circumstances, public parking spaces would remain available.

What Type of Grocery Store will There Be?

The retail landscape is changing. Increasingly, shoppers strive for fresh foods that are readily available in their neighborhood. Consumers also look for local markets that can provide regional favorites and understand local shopping habits. Elmwood Crossing offers the perfect opportunity for a grocer that serves this sought after customer.